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The Luxury Design Advertising is a major Signage Company in Abu Dhabi. With decades of experience, we have mastered the art of designing and producing customized LED screen solutions, navigational signage, and indoor and outdoor signs.
Every project we work on, whether it’s digital signage or more traditional signboards, is a labour of love. Our position as the leading digital signage firm in Abu Dhabi is based on our originality, tenacity, and technological knowledge. We genuinely enjoy what we do, and it shows!

We Are the Best Signage Company in Abu Dhabi

As a full-service Signboard Company in Abu Dhabi, we have been working closely together. We founded this company after realizing that signage is the most important component of a customer’s brand. It’s a truth that people buy brands, and buyers make purchases based on trust. We can create commercial signs to complement your brand identity for the interior and exterior of your office, no matter what your business is. We identify any potential obstacles that you may not have considered, as well as strategies to overcome them.

Digital Signboard Abu Dhabi

Many people in Abu Dhabi utilize signboards to promote their businesses to the people in the area, the country, or perhaps the entire world. Many people used to create a signboard that would be the instrument of whatever they wanted to display the emblem of a business or a product, and different people used to endorse items and enhance it by having those endorsers with their products on the billboard. As the top Signboard Company in Abu Dhabi we deliver quality signage.

As previously stated, digital signboards are one of the forms of signboards that exist in this planet and era. Modernization exists all throughout the world, and it includes the use of technologies and other items that have anything to do with modernizing something living or even non-living in the world. Making something digital is a huge advantage for you, and especially for business owners who want to reach a larger audience or prospective clientele. The Luxury Design Advertising have wide variety of Digital signage and one of the best Signboard Company in Abu Dhabi, our skilled professionals will delivery the work very quickly 

Other Service

Digital Printing

At The Luxury Design Advertising, we provide digital printing services in a wide variety.

Corporate Gift

We have established ourselves as one of the leading importers, wholesalers and distributors

Acrylic fabrication

Acrylic is a plastic-like sheet that has the appearance of glass but is far more durable.

Boxes and Packing

What could be more thoughtful than unexpected gift boxes for family and friends?


The Luxury Design Advertising is a major Signboard Company in Abu Dhabi. With decades of experience

Vehicle Branding

Vehicle Branding is most visible and important marketing tools providing you mobile advertising


Effective business signs are simple, visible, and match your brand. Here are some tips for creating an effective sign with TLDADV, leading sign board company across UAE:

  • Keep it simple
  • Use high contrast colors
  • Use the least controversial font
  • Use photo-quality images
  • Limit the number of design elements
  • Consider where to display it
  • Use your signature color scheme and featured fonts

The time it takes to manufacture a signboard for a business depends on the type of sign. A good rule of thumb is four to five business days, but some signs can take a few months. Based on our expertise and efficient processes, the manufacturing time for your sign will depend on the complexity of the design and materials required. 

We strive to deliver high-quality signage promptly, ensuring timely completion. Our skilled professionals work diligently meeting your timeline and provide you with a customized sign that aligns with your brand identity. Feel free to reach out to discuss your specific requirements further.

We take pride in our efficient services and aim to deliver your customized signboard promptly. Our experienced signage board makers/professionals at The Luxury Design Advertising work diligently to ensure a quick turnaround time while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Rest assured, we prioritize timely delivery without compromising on craftsmanship. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and let us create a stunning signboard for you in a timely manner.

Yes, we can create customized sign boards tailored to your specific needs. At The Luxury Design Advertising, we are the leading signboard design maker in Dubai with decades of experience in designing and producing personalized LED screen solutions, navigational signage, and indoor and outdoor signs. Our skilled professionals will deliver high-quality signage quickly to complement your brand identity. Feel free to explore our website for more information on our services and contact us for personalized sign board solutions.

The business signboard cost depends on several factors, including:

  • Size: Larger signs require more materials, labor, and construction time.
  • Material: The type of material used, its durability, and the quality standards. Some materials include corflute, foam-core, colorbond, aluminum, forex, acrylic, and self-adhesive vinyl.
  • Design complexity: How difficult it is to install the sign.
  • Installation and permit fees: The installation cost depends on how difficult it is.

Ongoing maintenance and repair costs: The cost of maintenance and repair.

Yes, we can definitely help maintain your business identity through our unique business sign board design. Our company, The Luxury Design Advertising, specializes in creating customized LED screen solutions, navigational signage, and indoor/outdoor signs that perfectly complement your brand.

Here are some tips for maintaining your business signboard:

  • Clean regularly: Use a soft, smooth cloth or paper towel, mild soap and water, or car shampoo to remove dirt, dust, and grime. For hard-to-reach areas, you can use a gentle spray of water.
  • Inspect monthly or quarterly: Check that all lights and bulbs are working properly, and look for rust, mold, standing water, or paint discoloration. Connect with TLDADV for the best sign board system ensuring a hassle-free installation and maintenance service.
  • Use high-quality materials: Replace signs with materials that will last and are utilized in your regions.

Upgrade lighting: Make your site more visible and energy-efficient by upgrading your lighting in your signage and parking lot lights.

Yes, we offer comprehensive sign board solutions, including installation services at your office. Our team at TLDADV specializes in creating custom LED screens, and indoor/outdoor business sign boards. With years of experience and a dedication to quality, we ensure a seamless and professional installation process for our clients.

Contact us today to enhance your office space with our premium sign board solutions.