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We have established ourselves as one of the leading importers, wholesalers and distributors of Branded Corporate Gifts in UAE. Our objective is to provide the most competitive prices for branded promotional gifts items while guaranteeing customer satisfaction. We provide low budget promotional presents that are ideal for your advertising campaign as well as an exclusive collection of specialty products. Whether you are thinking of giving business gifts to motivate your staff or attract new clients, we will help you choose high-quality corporate gifts that will stay in your clients ’memory.

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Digital Printing

At The Luxury Design Advertising, we provide digital printing services in a wide variety.

Corporate Gift

We have established ourselves as one of the leading importers, wholesalers and distributors

Acrylic fabrication

Acrylic is a plastic-like sheet that has the appearance of glass but is far more durable.

Boxes and Packing

What could be more thoughtful than unexpected gift boxes for family and friends?


The Luxury Design Advertising is a major Signboard Company in Abu Dhabi. With decades of experience

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Vehicle Branding is most visible and important marketing tools providing you mobile advertising

The Luxury Design Advertising: Buy the Creative Corporates Gifts in UAE

One of the leading players in the advertising industry – The Luxury Design Advertising welcomes you to explore a variety of corporate gifts for your workplace. We are renowned suppliers of corporate gifts in UAE to meet the expectations of the organization’s employees. Every business nurtures employees who work day & night to make the organization more successful, in return corporations want to offer them rewards. Multiple fun concepts are organized in the workplace to keep employees motivated, The Luxury Design Advertising makes it possible with elegant gifts. 

Whether you want to advertise your brands in front of clients or want to surprise your employees with the best gifts, The Luxury Design Advertising offers the durables & innovative corporate gifts becoming corporate gifts manufacturers.

What We Offer as Top Rated Corporate Gifts Suppliers in UAE?

Best corporate gifts wholesale suppliers Luxury Design Advertising, we understand the transformation in corporate branding style & the upcoming trends of exchanging gifts. Our team met all the creative expectations of our client companies. We are offering everything from digital printing, boxes, and signage to stationery items for corporate gifts in UAE to make your special occasions more satisfying experiences. 

Explore our corporate gift Abu Dhabi & other UAE regions to leave a different impression on the clients, partners, investors, or employees. From simple to customized corporate gifts, we will make everything available to you as per your preferences & demands. 

  • Branded Merchandise with Printed Logo Designs 
  • Boxes designed for personalized advertisement 
  • Stationery Items with customized branding for brand visibility
  • Promotional Products 

Buy quality items with us, we are the most reliable corporate gifts wholesale suppliers!

Customization & Branding at One Place!

The Luxury Design Advertising aims to become the one-stop corporate gifting manufactures. We are not restricted to offering only quality corporate gifts, in addition, our team shares the services based on customized brandings based on your business models. The main theme of advertising is to project the model of business. We want to convert our corporate gifts that represent the work culture & business values. 

We are corporate gifts suppliers in UAE with unique offerings printing items, corporate promotional items, vehicle branding products, leather boxes, and acrylic sheet suppliers.

Corporate Gifts - We Advertise Your Brands!

Our main agenda is to comply with the expectations of our client companies by offering the best products & items for corporate gifts. The Luxury Design Advertising – top corporate gifting companies come up with interesting gifts to advertise your brands & expand your company coverage with the best marketing ideas. 

Companies & brands emphasize adapting the best advertising modes to expand their business. The idea of corporate gifts as innovative branding fetches the best results to convert more potential clients & keep employees more satisfied & motivated. Buy our best corporate gifts Abu Dhabi.

Psychology Behind Corporate Gifts

Everything in advertising is linked to psychology, corporate gifts are also linked to leaving a positive impression. It creates a sense of belonging & endowment effect that creates a positive outlook for companies distributing to clients, employees, or partners. From childhood to adulthood, everyone feels more special by receiving gifts, and in corporate culture, it works as the best tool to leave a lasting impression. We come out as well-established corporate gift manufacturers. 

The Luxury Design Advertising being corporate gifts wholesale suppliers unlocks the positive psychological effect of corporate gifts. We tend to expand the market with the best offerings that help organizations grow in their advertisements. 

In the corporate world, gift culture expands with a positive impact to build strong connections & long-term relationships. Different events for the distribution of corporate gifts are: 

Company-level events: Corporate gifts perfectly suited for company-level events that can attract potential customers & clients for the organization. 

Personal Events: Corporates get personalized events like birthdays or anniversaries to celebrate their success & achievements. Gifting customized items will attract more attention. 

Special Recognition: Many special events are organized in the industry to celebrate any achievements or milestones, corporate gifts can work as the best way to advertise brand values. We are the best corporate gift manufacturers for special events.

The Luxury Design Advertising: Corporates Gifts Wholesale Suppliers!

We are a leading brand that marked the name as a top corporate gifting companies. The Luxury design advertising aims to stand out in the UAE with top-quality products, unmatchable service quality, and unique ideas. Our team supports growing brands to meet their demands for innovative corporate gift ideas. 

Explore our top-quality products that serve all the events & special occasions for your business events. Our customized branding service offers the chance to be extra creative with your corporate gifts to lead the advertising segment to new heights. Our company has the best digital signage solutions, If you want one connect with our team. Apart from corporate gifts, we are known to be the top acrylic fabrication supplier. Shop with us for your brand merchandise, gift cards, e-vouchers, food & beverage packaging designs, and personalized item advertising.


Corporate gifts are items or experiences companies give to their employees or clients to show appreciation and gratitude. They can be physical, like gift cards or tech gadgets, or non-physical, like an experience or digital gift card.

At TLDADV, our corporate gifts UAE helps companies build relationships with clients, employees, and potential customers. They can also:

  • Improve employee connection
  • Encourage loyalty
  • Increase productivity
  • Increase employee retention
  • Boost morale
  • Show that a company values its employees


Corporate gifting is the act of giving gifts to employees, colleagues, clients, and potential customers to build relationships. It can help strengthen relationships, express appreciation, and promote goodwill. Almost over 63% of the companies say that gift-giving improves client relationships.

When sending corporate gifts, it is important to be aware of the recipient’s cultural norms and customs.

We are one of the leading corporate gifting companies in the UAE known for our unique branded corporate gifts. Get in touch and explore our top-quality corporate gifting options that serve all your business events & special occasions.

We deliver our corporate gift items to various locations across the UAE, ensuring prompt and efficient service. Our wide delivery network allows us to reach different regions, including Abu Dhabi and other Emirates, meeting the corporate gifting needs of organizations and businesses.

Whether you are looking for corporate gift items in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, or any other part of the UAE, we are dedicated to delivering our high-quality corporate gift items right to your doorstep. Give us a call at +971 02-5555969 or email us to know more about our custom corporate gifting services in UAE.

Here are some ways to personalize corporate promotional items:

  • Corporate gift boxes: Customize with your company’s logo or branding.
  • Gift baskets: Include the recipient’s favourite things or reflect the company’s branding.
  • Gift sets: Add the employee’s name and designation on a set of desk accessories.
  • Employee welcome kit: Order different customized corporate gifts from any print-on-demand vendors.
  • Promotional pens: Create a design that reflects your business’s brand and style. You can also add a logo, slogan, or message.
  • Branded merchandise: Provide customers with a functional or memorable item branded with a company’s logo or message.

Gift cards: Go beyond branding and use gift cards for creative purposes. For example, change the design of your gift cards to reflect certain holidays or promotions.

Wе accеpt paymеnts through various mеthods such as crеdit/dеbit cards, bank transfеrs and onlinе paymеnt gatеways. Our goal is to offеr a sеcurе and convеniеnt payment procеss for our corporatе gifts UAE cliеnts. By providing multiplе paymеnt options, we aim to ensure flеxibility and еasе of transaction. Rest assured that we have streamlined payment procedures in place on our website for your convenience and satisfaction.

Yes, you can order the best corporate gifts in the UAE for your workplace, clients, or employees through our website. Our online platform offers a wide range of items, including digital printing services, boxes, signage, and more. Visit our website to explore and purchase corporate gifts conveniently. We are here to make your online ordering experience seamless and efficient.

Wе arе a leading wholesaler and distributor of brandеd corporatе gifts in thе UAE. Wе offеr a widе rangе of high quality, innovativе and customizablе corporatе gifts products, allowing you to effectively advertise your brand and lеavе a lasting imprеssion on cliеnts and motivate your employees. Our uniquе offеrings and top quality products aim to mееt your dеmands for innovativе corporatе gift idеas.

Yes, as one of the top corporate gifting companies we provide hassle-free delivery services for our corporate gifts directly to your doorstep. Our team ensures prompt delivery to your specified location, bringing the best quality products right to you.

Explore our wide range of corporate gifts on our official webpage, and place your order with confidence, knowing that we will deliver your selected items conveniently. Let us take care of delivering your chosen gifts to your door for a seamless experience.

To place your order with us, simply browse our Corporate Gifts page, select the items you wish to purchase, add them to your cart, and proceed to checkout. Fill in your details, choose your payment method, and confirm the order.

Our team will handle the processing and delivery of corporate gifts for customers location in UAE promptly. Shop now to impress with our high-quality products and unique branding options.