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The Luxury Design Advertising was established in Abu Dhabi, UAE, to provide a one-stop solution in the advertising sector, including printing, delivery of the best corporate promotional items, sign board, vehicle branding, leather box manufacture, and and we are the best Acrylic sheet supplier in Abu Dhabi. Anyone who receives a corporate gift with branding is sure to be impressed and excited. Our goal is to earn our clients' loyalty over time by providing great service from devoted personnel who are consistently rewarded for their personal and professional development. The choice of our customers as their most preferred providers will be our final measure of success.
As the leading Acrylic shop in Abu Dhabi, our acrylic is a transparent thermoplastic that is commonly used as a shatter-resistant replacement to glass in sheet form. It is 50% lighter than glass and 10 times more impact-resistant than glass, allowing for more transparency. It contains polymers, which are synthetic materials created by a chemical reaction involving a monomer and a catalyst.
With lot of years experience in Acrylic sheet supplier in Abu Dhabi, acrylic sheets can endure 20 times more impact than glass. When fractured, Plexiglas shatters into comparatively dull shards as opposed to the sharp shards of glass. Acrylic plastic is flammable and self-ignites at around 860 degrees Fahrenheit. It will burn at roughly 560 degrees Fahrenheit with an open flame. It is a heat and electric current non-conductor, as the Abu Dhabi based Acrylic sheet supplier we have all these type acrylics.

Best Acrylic supplier in Abu Dhabi

The Luxury Design Advertising is the UAE's leading Acrylic sheet supplier in Abu Dhabi. We offer high-quality acrylic goods from reputable manufacturers, ensuring that their optical properties are maintained for many years. Plexiglas, Yearlong, Plaskolite, and AstariGlas are among the many brands of cast and extruded sheets we offer, which are widely utilised in the building and signs industries. Our lowest pricing can be found by shopping online. It's easier, faster, and more intelligent!
We became one of the leading Acrylic sheet supplier in Abu Dhabi because to our high-quality service and utilisation of strong technologies and applications. And we've earned the trust of a number of international companies right from the start. Our customer base is also growing; we have a long list of satisfied clients.

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