acrylic fabrication

Things to Know About Acrylic Fabrication

The chemical name of acrylic is Poly (methyl methacrylate), generally known as a transparent thermoplastic. This acrylic is used for various applications, such as displays, signs, and other business merchandising. Acrylic is an alternative to glass as it is lightweight, shockproof, and has better durability. 

With the help of modern technology and professional expertise, just like metal fabrication, acrylic fabrication provides different shapes to acrylic plastic. This process involves certain operations such as compounding, acrylic extrusion, welding, lamination, foaming, vacuum foaming, and many more to get the perfect shape, size, and structure of the materials made out of acrylic. 

How Does the Process of Fabricating Acrylic Works?

Acrylic is a fabrication-friendly product that can withstand processes like cutting, machining, finishing, or bending successfully to get the desired shape and structure. For the first step, as a manufacturer, you need to create a mold in whichever shape and form you want, then pour acrylic into it. Acrylic becomes flexibly supple when heated as it has thermoplastic properties, so you can now make any shape of any contour, which will take up once it’s cooled down. Acrylic fabrication in Abu Dhabi successfully reacts to the process, including CNC and laser cutting, flame polishing, and heat forming to acquire the patterns. 

To achieve the goal for a particular client or industry, the experts use various tools to produce patterns with acrylic. Some of these techniques and tools are machining lathes for cutting plastic sheets, milling machines for moving those sheets, polishing ones to finish the plastic, and annealing machines to distress the plastic.

Different Ways of Fabricating Acrylic

Acrylic manufacturing contains all the methods to get the desired shapes and structures from unprocessed acrylic material. The sheets are classified into two types: cast acrylic sheets and extruded acrylic sheets, which are cut per clients’ requirements using CNC and Laser cutting, flame polishing, and heat forming to achieve the highest quality. The edges of the product become polished and glossy because of using a hydrogen-oxygen torch. 

We can get the required colors and decorations on the chosen acrylic materials by using methods like spray painting, screen printing, and decorative vinyl films. Most of the time, the manufacturer has to use more than one piece of acrylic to affix the articles to create a custom-made project for their clients. In this process, adhesives, nuts and bolts, screws, and ultrasonic welding are used to attach one piece to another for objects like trophies, displays, and other decorative items.

Purposes in Which Acrylic Materials Can Be Used

The most common way of using acrylic can be found in exhibition and display solutions for any business in decorative items, light fixtures, trophies, signage, and other items. However, apart from that, you can use acrylic in more ways that are mentioned below:

  • Mug stands
  • Multi-book stands
  • Acrylic architectural glazing
  • Magazine holders
  • Showcase container
  • Public aquarium windows
  • Jewelry box
  • Phone cases

These acrylic-made articles became famous for several domestic, industrial, and commercial applications because of their excellent optical clarity and resistance to impact in sunlight and extreme temperatures.

What You Can Expect from the Acrylic Fabrication Services?

When advertising and marketing your business and services, one of the most recognized objects that can be helpful is product placement displays made with custom acrylic fabrication. When you first look at the display, it might look like glass, but if you look closer, you will realize that the material used is acrylic. 

For a long time, acrylic has been used as an alternative to glass when designing and creating custom promotional displays for businesses. Today, you can find many plastic product manufacturing companies offering services in acrylic fabrication as their specialized ones. 

Benefits of Using Acrylic

One of the greatest advantages of this acrylic material is that it is lightweight, making it easily replaceable to glass and plastic suppliers to design easily and fabricate the displays according to clients’ special needs. It is an easily moldable material so that you can do mass production in a short period. It can be made in different shapes and sizes that can be used for multiple purposes. 

TLDADV: The Best Acrylic Fabricator in Dubai

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