Acrylic fabrication is the process of transforming acrylic sheets into something useful like a coffee table, or any other piece of furniture according to your wish. Being a fabrication friendly product, acrylic can withstand processes such as cutting, welding and molding to get in the desired shape. With acrylic fabrication you can create large objects as well as small such as acrylic miniatures. However it requires specialised tools and equipments to get the results. The more intricate the object is, the more specialised tools you need. Often the specialisation of fabrication companies is defined by the kind of tools they own. Smaller companies focus on manufacturing small and medium sized products whereas as large companies manufacture large objects.


Acrylic sheets are cut according to requirements using acrylic-cutting blades, plastic cutter, saber saws, table saws or routers. Acrylic articles are given a flame-polished and glossy finishing at the edges by using hydrogen-oxygen torch.


There are different methods involved in acrylic plastic fabrication. Plastic can be molded into different forms and shapes to produce a wide variety of items . It is more cost effective as well as easy to work with plastic as compared to other materials like glass which can be more expensive.


Plastic’s malleability and cost-effectiveness can make it a versatile and durable material for a range of different products.


Services like polishing and laminating gives plastic items the required sheen and shine to make it look matte and glossy just like the glass.


Product functionality and ease of manufacturing are important things to consider when choosing a plastic fabrication process. Some methods are inefficient for fabricating certain types of plastic, and therefore may not be helpful for your particular project. Some other important things to consider while choosing the fabrication process are the proportion of plastic to non plastic material in the product, the role of plastic in your fabrication process, it can be used for adhesion, lamination or as a base product.


Acrylic design fabrication also includes processes that render desirable colors and decorations to acrylic materials and products with the help of various methods like spray painting and screen-printing, and by using decorative vinyl films.


In many cases, more than one acrylic piece is used to manufacture the articles in order to create a custom-made object. Here, the fabricators use adhesives, nuts and bolts, screws and ultrasonic welding to attach one acrylic piece to another in order to make objects like trophies, displays, decorative items etc.


Acrylic can be found most commonly used in exhibitions, and displays in the form of decorative items. It is also used to make trophies, signage and lettering. Having excellent optical clarity and resistance to impact, sunlight and extreme temperatures have made acrylic-made articles apt for several domestic, industrial and commercial applications.


With the different technology and methods available today, the number of possible items that can be fashioned using acrylic fabrication are becoming limitless. It is one industry that will certainly be needed well into the future.


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